Research Interests

My research revolves around transnational political and social links and how diasporas exert influence on their home countries through institutional and economic opportunities. I focus primarily on the Middle East and North Africa, looking at diaspora impacts on contention and public behavior in the region.

Other research interests I am pursuing include the effects of climate change on conflict and how conditions in the migrants’ countries-of-origin affect their integration in their host country.

In Progress

2021. “Nation-Building, Collective Action, and Willingness to Fight.” With Austin Wang. (Under Review)

2021. “Remittances as Mitigators of Post-Disaster Challenges.” With Steven Landis (Under Review)

Remittances and Voter Turnout.

Climate Change and Political Violence in Europe. With Steven Landis, Christian Jensen, and Luna Rodriguez.

Migrant Country-of-Origin and Civic Engagement. With Elizabeth Maltby.

Language Use and Perception of Immigrant Integration.

Electoral Systems and Authoritarian Persistence.


“How Remittance Receipt Affects Attitudes and Actions in the Middle East and North Africa: Testing Individual-Level Mechanisms of Transnational Links.” American Political Science Association Annual Meeting 2021

“Funding Democracy? How Remittance Receipt Affects Pro-Democracy Attitudes and Behaviors in the Middle East and North Africa.” International Political Science Association Annual Conference 2021

“The Effects of Remittance Inflows on Voter Turnout in New and Developing Democracies, 1991-2018.” International Studies Association Annual Conference 2021

“Remittances, Natural Disasters, and Armed Conflict.” With Steven Landis. International Studies Association-Midwest 2020

“Environmental Vulnerability and Political Violence in Europe.” With Steven Landis and Christian Jensen. American Political Science Association Annual Conference 2020

“Electoral Systems in Authoritarian Regimes: An Anti-Democratization Tactic?” Southwestern Social Sciences Association Annual Conference 2019

“One Woman’s Loss Another’s Gain? Securitizing Unemployment and Migration in Saudi Arabia.” University of Massachussetts Boston: Conflict Studies and Global Governance 2014

Grants and Awards

American Political Science Association Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant 2021

American Institute of Maghrib Studies Short-Term Research Grant 2021


American Political Science Association

International Political Science Association

International Studies Association

American Institute of Maghrib Studies

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